Our Stories

No one knows more about the kind of care Willowbrook Visiting Nurse Association provides than our patients, their families and their doctors. We get thank you notes and letters every day telling us how Willowbrook Visiting Nurse Association has changed their lives for the better. Here are some of their stories.

Patient Recommendations

I had service from Willowbrook for six weeks August/September. They provided personal grooming three times a week, picked up my medicine. I have really bad back pain and it makes it hard for me to stand up. So they started physical therapy on my back and whole body which helped a lot. I am very satisfied with their service. I hope if I need them again, I can get same nurses because they were very good to me. I would recommended Willowbrook. They gave good baths and good therapy and would always ask me if there was anything else they could do.   - Ms. Winnie Bobbitt

visiting nurse

Willowbrook Visiting Nurse

Willowbrook Visiting Nurse

Provider Recommendations

As a healthcare provider, there are several things I look at when choosing a home health care facility to assist with patient care. I have found all of these expectations are not only met but excelled with Willowbrook Visiting Nurse Association. I have sent many referrals and have always received prompt response to any request made. The nurses at Willowbrook have been known to not only provide healthcare services to patients as ordered by myself, but also provide the patients family with kindness and reassurance. I highly recommend Willowbrook Visiting Nurse Association to anyone needing Home health services.   - Barton B. Thrasher, M.D

Willowbrook Visiting Nurse Association consistently performs above the rest in home healthcare. I can rely on Judy Pulliam and her crew to report important patient information in an accurate and timely manner. This is why I want my patients cared for by Willowbrook.   - Dr. David L. Seaton, M.D.




Family Member Recommendations

Our services began in September. Willowbrook’s nurses provided physical therapy, nursing and some limited cleaning services during my wife’s illness. Their good public relationship skills made us feel like we had known them forever instead of few months. The nurses went out of the way to make our family feel comfortable. They always greeted us kindly and we always knew when they were coming because they would call to let us know beforehand. They were very polite and did outstanding jobs. You know sometimes you get a phone number and make call and don’t get a return call. But Willowbrook called without me even having to call first. If someone was asked a question and didn’t know the answer, they would find out the answer. I called Judy Pulliam at 11:00 pm one night and she told me she would be right there and she was. Judy was just like a counselor for me. I had been having trouble getting nutrition for my wife, but when Willowbrook began with us, Judy stayed with me and made sure his wife had what she needed. I would definitely recommend Willowbrook without a doubt. Outstanding performance and if they needed a grade, I would give them EXCELLENT!  - Mr. T.I. Johnson

My mother was a patient of Willowbrook’s, prior to her passing. I was over above and beyond satisfied with their services. There are not enough good adjectives to describe her nurse, Judy. My mother was a true southern belle of the old days. She suffered from ALS, and Judy knew how to care for her physically as well as make her feel better emotionally. Judy picked up on sensitive issues with her. She visited on days not needed, which Mother and I both appreciated. Not only was hospice there the day Mother died, so were Willowbrook aides and Judy….all surrounding Mother, yet continually making sure I was okay. Mother’s transition was made much more comfortable being surrounded by these caring people. Judy continues to check on me daily. She is like God dressed up as nurse. I very highly recommend Willowbrook and their services.  - Ms. Betty B.

Willowbrook provided exercise and physical therapy services for about two weeks for my husband. They were always on time, and would call beforehand. My husband is now doing fine. I would happily recommend Willowbrook’s service to others.  - Mrs. Gullett

Willowbrook provided wound care for my husband for a quite a few months, and were really good. Joy Wires was the nurse who saw him weekly, and Judy Pulliam would substitute for her when needed. Both nurses were sweet and kind and took really good care of my husband. We have used Willowbrook several times - after Douglas had heart surgery, and again with wound care due to diabetes. When Douglas was in the hospital, we would always request Willowbrook. We would absolutely recommend others. They are really good people and met all of his needs.  - Mrs. Vivie Jenkins

Willowbrook Visiting Nurse


Willowbrook Visiting Nurse